11 Best Mobile Trading App In India 2024

Benefits of Using Trading Apps

  1. Efficient Order Placement: Execute buy/sell orders swiftly with minimal effort.
  2. 24×7 Market Access: Enjoy round-the-clock access to the market and rapid order execution.
  3. Seamless Online Account Opening: Experience a smooth and hassle-free process for opening online trading accounts.
  4. Real-time Market Updates: Stay informed with up-to-the-minute market updates and reviews of your portfolio.
  5. On-the-Go Price Alerts: Receive price alerts and instant notifications while on the move.
  6. Secured Fund Transfer: Ensure secure and hassle-free fund transfers.
  7. Easy Mutual Fund & IPO Application: Access a convenient platform for Mutual Fund and IPO applications.
  8. Efficient Portfolio Tracking: Gain control over investments with efficient portfolio tracking tools.

Best Trading App in India for Beginners in 2024

  1. Zerodha Kite Mobile Trading App Review

Zerodha Kite stands out as one of the most advanced mobile trading apps in India, offering an easy-to-understand interface tailored for beginner traders.

The app provides a comprehensive set of trading tools, including advanced charts and Chart IQ, delivering real-time information on trends and price movements.

Kite mobile trading app is essentially a condensed version of Zerodha’s Kite trading platform, recognized as the best among discount brokers. Users gain access to console reports, aiding in understanding expert views during trading sessions and formulating strategies accordingly.

About Zerodha

Zerodha Demat holds the position of the largest discount broker in India, boasting a customer base exceeding 50 lakh. Zerodha is notable for its customer-centric approach, consistently enhancing trading platforms and customer support to deliver optimal services.

Zerodha applies a flat Rs. 20 brokerage fee for intraday and F&O trading, while delivery trades incur no charges.

For a comprehensive trading experience, I recommend opening a Zerodha account, utilizing both the mobile app and web trading platform.

Top Kite Trading App Features

– One-tap universal instrument search across exchanges — NSE, BSE, MCX
– Live streaming data
– Multiple market watch and live market depths
– Advanced chart with 100+ indicators

What I Like

– Biometric access
– Embedded console reports & Chart IQ
– Seamless login into other Zerodha apps

What I Don’t Like

– Rating below 4 on Google Play Store
– Lack of trade totals information and margin details.

  1. 5 Paisa Mobile Trading App Review

The 5 Paisa mobile trading app stands out as the premier trading app in India, offering a seamless one-click order placement feature. It provides access to advanced charts with an extensive array of studies and drawing functionalities for in-depth technical analysis.

During trading sessions, users can tap into 5 Paisa’s research and advisory products, including Smart Investor, screeners, Sensibull, and Small Cases.

Additionally, the app facilitates direct investment in mutual funds, the purchase of digital gold, acquiring insurance, and even availing personal loans.

5Paisa Trading App Features

– Live Tracking: Receive real-time updates on stock prices and quotes from NSE, BSE, and MCX
– Easy Fund Transfer: Transfer funds effortlessly across 40 banks or through UPI for your trading needs
– Advanced Charts: Utilize cutting-edge charts with a broad range of studies and drawing functionalities for advanced technical analysis
– One-Click Order Placement

What I Like

– 100+ predefined stock screeners
– Access to advisory products
– Ability to buy gold, insurance, mutual funds, and personal loans directly from the app

What I Didn’t Like

– App size is relatively large at 176.9 MB for iPhones
– Customer service may be insufficient

  1. UpStox Pro Mobile Trading App Review

UpStox Pro is an instrumental mobile trading app that facilitates trading in shares, equity derivatives, and currency F&O. With the “Trade from Charts” (TFC) feature, users can execute trades directly from charts, enhancing the overall trading experience.

The app boasts advanced charts with multiple intervals, types, and drawing styles, allowing users to apply 100+ technical indicators in real-time. Its interface is clean, clutter-free, and intuitively designed for user-friendly navigation.

Key Features of UpStox Trading App:

– Trade Directly from Charts (TFC): Execute trades seamlessly directly from the charts.
– Advanced Charts and Technical Indicators: Access over 100 charts and technical indicators for in-depth analysis.
– Clean UX and Intuitive Look: Enjoy a clutter-free user experience with an intuitive interface.
– Pre- and Post-Trade Analytics: Benefit from analytics both before and after trades.

Additionally, users can utilize predefined watchlists, create customized watchlists, receive real-time market feeds, and set an unlimited number of price alerts. The app also offers the convenience of switching between day and night modes for improved visibility.

UpStox charges Rs. 0 on delivery and Rs. 20 per transaction for intraday and F&O trades. The account opening process is paperless, allowing users to start using the app instantly upon account creation.

What I Like

– Easy trading with a clean interface
– Option to trade directly from charts
– Ability to set unlimited price alerts and create a customized watchlist

What I Don’t Like

– Compatibility limited to iOS 11 and above

  1. Nuvama Wealth (Formerly Edelweiss) Mobile Trading App Review

The Nuvama Wealth trading app, formerly Edelweiss, provides a convenient single-touch login using fingerprint recognition. Users can access research tools seamlessly while engaging in trading activities.

The app ensures real-time streaming of stock prices and tick-by-tick charts, keeping users updated and aiding in instantaneous market analysis. A notable feature includes the ability to create a “preset customized watchlist” based on selected filters and a Sensex tracker to identify potential trading opportunities.

Moreover, the app facilitates mutual fund investments for users.

Features of Nuvama Wealth Trading App

– Technical live charts at your fingertips
– Alerts and notifications for quick updates
– Seamless fund transfer experience
– Customizable watchlist

What I Like

– Live streaming of stock prices
– Single-touch biometric login
– High rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store

What I Don’t Like

– Limited to 17 technical indicators
– Large file size of 119.2 MB for iPhones

Best Online Trading App in India

  1. Angel One App Review

The Angel One app stands out with its offering of 40 technical chart indicators and overlays, catering to users engaged in technical analysis and trading. Integrated with Angel’s ARQ tool, the app further enhances portfolio performance.

The app boasts an intuitive design and a clean interface for a user-friendly experience. Users can conveniently access the past ten transactions for Ledger, Funds, and DP reports directly from the app.

Angel One Trading App Features

– Insta trade feature for fast F&O trading
– Free stock recommendations on ARQ
– Option to invest in US stocks
– Easy access to share market analysis reports

What I Like

– Integration with the ARQ tool
– Access to advisory calls and research reports-
– Intuitive interface

What I Don’t Like

– Limited to 40 indicators and overlays
– Inability to invest in IPOs and bonds

  1. HDFC Securities Mobile Trading App Review

The HDFC trading app stands out with its secure biometric login, offering both fingerprint and face recognition for added security. Users can conveniently place buy and sell orders directly from the watchlist.

Key features of the HDFC trading app include intraday real-time charting and instant access to trending investment ideas. In addition to trading in equities and derivatives, the app provides opportunities to invest in gold and NCD. Notably, it incorporates an embedded chat with support team functions to facilitate quick issue resolution.

However, some negative reviews highlight concerns related to login issues.

Features of HDFC Securities App

– Single-screen live market data monitor
– Ability to create multiple watchlists
– 2-click IPO application
– Access to trending investment ideas

What I Like

– Biometric login for enhanced security
– Option to invest in gold and NCD
– Access to trending investment ideas

What I Don’t Like

– Login issues reported by some users
– Difficulty in viewing details on the white interface

  1. IIFL Markets Mobile Trading App Review

The IIFL Markets app distinguishes itself by providing expert tips and research on over 500 stocks when using their mobile platform. Users can create multiple watchlists, each accommodating up to 50 scrips for a diversified portfolio.

This app offers an intelligent dual stock-watch feature across multiple segments, including equity, F&O, commodity, and currency, enhancing portfolio management. Additionally, users have the capability to invest in IPOs and OFS (Offer for Sale) directly through the app.

IIFL Markets Mobile Trading App Features

– Super-fast charts
– Guest login option
– Widget-based stock watch feature
– In-app access to stock research and tips

What I Like

– Option to invest in IPOs
– Intelligent dual stock watch feature
– Light Android app with a size of 17MB

What I Don’t Like

– Moderate rating of 3.6 on the Apple App Store
– Large app size of 178 MB for iPhones

  1. MO Investor Mobile Trading App by Motilal Oswal

The Motilal Oswal (MO) Investor app stands out with its integration of ACE (Advise on the Combination of Equities), an algorithm-based investment strategy.

Key features of the app include bulk order functionality, allowing users to execute multiple orders in a single click. The app also provides charts for multiple time periods, ranging from 1 minute to 5 years. However, it offers a limited set of 9 technical indicators for chart analysis.

While the app boasts a decent interface and includes options to buy gold and invest in mutual funds, there have been user reviews indicating issues with real-time price updates and slow loading of charts.

Motilal Oswal Trading App Top Features

– Access to expert research reports on 250+ stocks
– Daily market report
– AI-powered investment solutions
– Market commentary from experts

What I Like

– Bulk order placement function
– Integration of algo investment strategy

What I Don’t Like

– Average user interface
– Issues with slow price updates and chart loading

  1. Kotak Stock Trader Mobile App Review

The Kotak Stock Trader app facilitates portfolio diversification by providing investment options in IPOs, Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Bonds. Users can create a customized watchlist and monitor live markets using charting tools. Notably, the app offers the unique feature of selling directly from the positions’ view page.

Despite its positive attributes, there have been customer reviews highlighting issues such as automatic logout from the app. Additionally, the Apple App Store rating stands at a modest 2.9.

Best Features of Kotak Securities Mobile Trading App

– Easy-to-use order form
– Biometric login for enhanced security
– Radial navigation feature for a smooth user experience
– Improved charting tools

What I Like

– Enables investment in IPOs, Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Bonds
– Convenient selling directly from the positions view page

What I Don’t Like

– Average user interface
– Low rating of 2.9 on the Apple App Store

  1. Sharekhan Mobile Trading App Review

The Sharekhan trading app is designed to facilitate smart trading with live charts offering multiple time frames, ranging from 1 minute to 1 year. The app features a pattern finder for discovering new trading ideas and provides access to Sharekhan Online Trading Academy courses directly from the app.

Enhancing the trading and viewing experience, the app adopts a black and white theme. Notably, it keeps users logged in even after closing the app, eliminating the need for frequent logins. However, there have been customer complaints, as indicated in reviews, regarding the app’s insistence on frequent password changes.

Sharekhan Trading App Top Features

– Fast stock price refresh rates
– Comprehensive dashboard
– Access to NEO – a goal-based investment tool

What I Like

– Versatile charts spanning from 1 minute to 1 year
– Persistent login status even after closing the app
– Aesthetic black and white theme

What I Don’t Like

– User complaints about frequent password change prompts
– Low rating of 2.9 on the Apple App Store

  1. Stock Note Mobile Trading App from SAMCO

The Stock Note app, powered by the Giga Trading Engine, stands out with its combination of AI and advanced analytics, enabling the identification of trends, patterns, and trading opportunities.

Featuring a one-touch trading option, the app allows users to trade directly from the news feeds. An interesting aspect is the ability to personalize the app for news feeds, market watchlists, portfolios, and settings, providing a unique and tailored experience.

However, user reviews have noted concerns about the app’s slow loading speed.

Stock Note Mobile App Best Features

– One-touch trading functionality
– Tracking of most viewed notes by fellow traders in the community
– Bundle trigger alerts with order placement
– Easy portfolio monitoring

What I Like

– Giga Trading Engine integrating AI and advanced analytics
– Option to trade directly from the news feeds

What I Don’t Like

– Large file size of 164.3 MB on the Apple App Store
– Reported issues with slow loading speed

How to Choose a Good Trading App

Choosing a suitable trading app is crucial for effective investment and trading. Key factors to consider for Indian mobile users include app compatibility, reviews, real-time data, user interface, payment options, and research tools.

Here are essential points to check before selecting a trading app

  1. Compatibility

Consider the compatibility of the trading app with your mobile device. Android and iOS are the most widely used platforms, and some apps may also be available for Windows. Ensure that your mobile supports the app, and update to the latest version if needed.

  1. Number of Downloads

The number of app downloads is a good indicator of its popularity and reliability. Higher download numbers often signify a popular and trusted app. The success of a trading app is often tied to its user-friendly features and seamless execution of trades.

Ensure that you choose an app with a substantial number of downloads to increase the likelihood of a positive user experience.

  1. User Experience

A top-tier trading app should offer a seamless user experience, featuring an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. The app should provide essential buttons for viewing charts with indicators and facilitate trading, preferably from a central location. Mobile apps, in particular, should be designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring ease of trade placement and live streaming of quotes.

  1. Technical Indicators, Research, and Studies

Before finalizing a trading app, ensure that it supports the technical indicators or advanced charts you use for trading. The app should be capable of accommodating your preferred indicators seamlessly.

Additionally, verify the app’s chart accuracy. A reliable stock trading app should support interactive charts, along with the provision of historical and trending graphs. This ensures that you have access to comprehensive data for making informed trading decisions.

  1. App Ratings and Reviews

Gaining insights from the experiences of existing users through app ratings and reviews is invaluable. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the reviews are authentic and provide genuine information. Genuine reviews are typically detailed, reflecting both positive and negative aspects of the app. In contrast, fake reviews are often brief, containing only praises without substantial information.

  1. Payment Options

A reliable trading app should offer multiple payment options to facilitate seamless transactions for investors. These payment options may include UPI (Unified Payments Interface), net banking, and debit/credit cards. The availability of diverse payment methods enhances the convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds, making the overall trading experience more user-friendly.

Final thoughts

Selecting a trading app is closely tied to the stockbroker you opt for your trading and investment requirements.

I recommend opening an account with Zerodha for an enhanced trading experience.

For the use of the Upstox app, it is advised to open an account with Upstox.

5Paisa stands out as one of the top stockbrokers, offering a flat Rs. 10 brokerage fee with platinum and titanium plans. The 5paisa app is convenient for both beginners and seasoned traders.

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