Zebpay vs WazirX: Which One is Best for You in 2024

WazirX entered the cryptocurrency scene in 2018, while Zebpay boasts a longer presence since 2014.


WazirX offers a broader spectrum with spot exchange, P2P trading, and STF (Smart Token Fund) options, supporting over 70 trading pairs. Zebpay, on the other hand, focuses on spot trading and maintains 15 trading pairs.

Cryptocurrency Support

With 70+ trading pairs, WazirX supports a diverse range of cryptocurrencies. Zebpay, while more conservative, accommodates 15 trading pairs.

INR Transactions

Both platforms facilitate the deposit and withdrawal of Indian Rupees.

Native Coin

WazirX introduces its native cryptocurrency, WRX, whereas Zebpay currently does not have its own coin.

Wallet Solutions

WazirX provides a dedicated wallet service, and Zebpay utilizes a pooled wallet system.

Trading Fees

WazirX and Zebpay each follow their fee structures. WazirX charges 0.2% for both maker and taker, whereas Zebpay sets its maker fee at 0.15% and the taker fee at 0.25%. Zebpay incorporates a 0.10% fee for intraday trading.

P2P and STF

WazirX excels in P2P trading with a 0% fee, while Zebpay does not provide P2P services. Additionally, WazirX levies a 25% fee on profit for its Smart Token Fund (STF) feature.

Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal fees for BTC differ slightly, with WazirX charging 0.0005 BTC and Zebpay charging 0.00049 BTC. INR withdrawal fees are Rs. 10 for Zebpay, and WazirX’s information is not explicitly mentioned.

Membership Fees

WazirX does not impose any membership fees, whereas Zebpay requires 0.0001 BTC or its equivalent per month.


Both platforms offer web and mobile applications for user convenience.

This comparative analysis provides a nuanced understanding of the features and fees associated with WazirX and Zebpay, aiding users in making informed choices based on their preferences and requirements.

Comparing WazirX and Zebpay Charges

When it comes to trading services, WazirX outshines Zebpay by offering a more diverse range, including exchange, P2P, and STF markets. In contrast, Zebpay focuses on spot and intraday crypto trading.

Charge Breakdown

Trading Fees (Taker)

– WazirX: 0.2%
– Zebpay: 0.25%

Trading Fees (Maker)

– WazirX: 0.2%
– Zebpay: 0.15%

Intraday Fees

– WazirX: Not Applicable
– Zebpay: 0.10%

P2P Trading Fee

– WazirX: 0%
– Zebpay: Not Applicable
– STF (Fee on Profit)
– WazirX: 25%
– Zebpay: Not Applicable

BTC Withdrawal Fees

– WazirX: 0.0005 BTC
– Zebpay: 0.00049 BTC
– INR Withdrawal Fees
– WazirX: Not mentioned
– Zebpay: Rs. 10

Membership Fees

– WazirX: None
– Zebpay: 0.0001 BTC or equivalent per month

This comparative overview illustrates the distinctions in charges between WazirX and Zebpay, providing users with insights to make informed decisions based on their preferred trading features and fee structures.

Zebpay Trading Charges Overview

In the realm of Zebpay trading charges, it’s essential to comprehend the nuances of fees associated with transactions.

Trading Fees

– Taker Fees (0.25%): Applied when orders are swiftly executed at market prices.
– Maker Fees (0.15%): Incurred when awaiting order matching, common for orders away from market prices.
– Intraday Fees (0.10%): For cryptocurrency intraday trading, starting from midnight.

Membership Fees

– Zebpay imposes a membership fee of 0.0001 BTC or its equivalent, approximately 60 rupees per month. Notably, WazirX does not charge any membership fees.

Withdrawal Fees

– Zebpay applies withdrawal fees when moving cryptocurrencies. The fees differ based on the specific cryptocurrency and are bound by minimum and maximum limits.

Bitcoin (BTC) Withdrawal

– Fees: 0.00049 BTC
– Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 0.0005 BTC
– Maximum Withdrawal Amount: 1 BTC- Tether USD (USDT) Withdrawal
– Fees: 1.5 USDT
– Ether (ETH) Withdrawal
– Fees: 0.015 ETH

INR Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

– Zebpay does not levy any fees for depositing INR but imposes a Rs. 10 withdrawal fee.

It’s noteworthy that Zebpay aims to reassess and potentially reduce membership fees as trading activities resume in full swing.

This detailed overview provides users with a comprehensive understanding of the various charges associated with Zebpay trading.

WazirX Trading Charges In-Depth

WazirX, a versatile crypto platform, caters to spot, P2P, and STF trading, each with its distinctive trading fees.

Spot Exchange Trading Fees

– WazirX charges a consistent 0.2% trading fee for both makers and takers in the spot market, irrespective of when the order gets matched.

P2P Market Transactions

– Limited to eight currencies paired against USD Tether (USDT), including INR.
– P2P transactions incur 0% fees, but minimum sell or buy order values apply. Transactions must be a minimum of 14.5 USDT, with a maximum buy order set at 2000 USDT.

STF Market Transactions

– Designed for novice crypto traders seeking guidance from experienced counterparts.
– WazirX charges 25% fees on profits for Smart Token Fund (STF) transactions.

Withdrawal Fees

– WazirX imposes withdrawal fees that vary based on the cryptocurrency and are bound by minimum and maximum limits.

Bitcoin (BTC) Withdrawal

– Fees: 0.0005 BTC
– Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 0.001 BTC
– Maximum Withdrawal Amount: 3 BTC
– Tether USD (USDT) Withdrawal
– Fees: 1.5 USDT

WazirX (WRX) Withdrawal

– Fees: 10 WRX
– Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 0 WRX
– No specified maximum withdrawal amount.

This comprehensive breakdown elucidates the trading charges associated with WazirX, providing users with a nuanced understanding of the fee structures across various trading markets and transactions.

Exploring WazirX and Zebpay in Depth

WazirX Overview

WazirX, India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has solidified its standing by joining forces with Binance. Catering to over 70 cryptocurrencies and trading pairs, WazirX serves as a versatile platform for buying, selling, and trading digital assets. The platform stands out with its simplicity, offering new traders an accessible environment to learn and engage through the Smart Token Fund (STF) facility.

Key Features of WazirX

  1. Platform Accessibility

– WazirX is available on various platforms, including smartphones (Android & iOS) and desktops (Windows and Mac PCs/laptops).

  1. Transaction Speed

– Boasting global standards, WazirX ensures rapid transaction execution and scalability to handle a surge in trading volumes.

  1. Advanced Trading Tools

– Integration with TradingView provides traders and professionals access to advanced features and comprehensive charting tools for in-depth analysis.

  1. Market Segmentation

– WazirX operates in three markets: Spot Exchange, P2P Marketplace, and STF (Smart Token Fund).

  1. Cryptocurrency Variety

– Over 70 cryptocurrencies can be traded on WazirX, with options for USDT pairs, Bitcoin pairs, and INR pairs, enabling users to transact directly in Indian Rupees.

  1. WazirX Token (WRX)

– Unlike Zebpay, WazirX introduces its native token, WRX, which users can utilize to pay transaction fees and potentially gain additional benefits.

Zebpay vs WazirX

While both platforms provide essential crypto trading services, WazirX stands out with its extensive range of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. WazirX’s incorporation of the STF feature, diverse market segments, and native token adds unique dimensions to the user experience. Zebpay, on the other hand, maintains its focus on spot trading, offering a straightforward approach to cryptocurrency transactions.

In a nutshell, WazirX emerges as a comprehensive crypto platform with a diverse range of offerings, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. Zebpay, while efficient in its spot trading services, may cater more to those seeking simplicity in their crypto transactions.

This detailed exploration sheds light on the distinct features and offerings of WazirX, providing a comprehensive understanding for potential users.

WazirX Overview: Unveiling the Cryptocurrency Realm

WazirX, in collaboration with Binance, stands as India’s premier crypto exchange. It facilitates the seamless buying, selling, and trading of over 70 cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. Boasting a user-friendly platform, WazirX caters to both novice and experienced traders, with a unique Smart Token Fund (STF) feature enabling learning through profit-sharing. Distinguishing itself further, WazirX introduces its native token WRX, a notable contrast to Zebpay.

Key Features of WazirX

  1. Accessible Across Platforms

– WazirX is available on mobile apps for Android and iOS, along with web platforms compatible with Windows and Mac PCs and laptops.

  1. Speedy Transactions

– The platform exhibits global standards, capable of scaling its execution capabilities swiftly to handle millions of transactions efficiently. However, merchant payment systems are yet to be implemented.

  1. Access to Advanced Trading Tools

– WazirX integrates features and charting tools from TradingView, facilitating comprehensive analysis of prices, historical data, and the formulation of effective trading strategies.

  1. Spot Exchange, P2P Market-Place, and STF

– WazirX caters to various trading preferences:

– Exchange (Spot Market): Facilitates trading in over 70 cryptocurrencies across USDT, BTC, and INR pairs.

– P2P (Person to Person) Market: Allows direct purchase of USDT from sellers, with WazirX acting as a facilitator and escrow.

– STF (Smart Token Fund): A learning-oriented platform where new traders partner with experienced ones, sharing profits and paying a percentage as fees.

  1. Cryptocurrency Offering

– WazirX provides access to a diverse range of 70+ cryptocurrencies paired with USDT. Additionally, INR pairs enable direct cryptocurrency purchases on the platform.

Zebpay: A Crypto Pioneer’s Resurgence

Zebpay, initiated in 2014, emerged as one of the oldest and largest crypto exchanges but faced a temporary shutdown due to an RBI advisory. After the Supreme Court’s intervention, Zebpay recently re-entered the market, striving to regain its former glory, evident from its current limited currency pairs and initial charges.

Key Features of Zebpay

  1. Deposit and Withdraw INR

– Zebpay allows transactions in Indian Rupees, enabling users to deposit, withdraw, and subsequently invest in cryptocurrencies.

  1. Accessible Across Platforms

– Trading on Zebpay is facilitated through both mobile apps and web applications, ensuring accessibility across various devices.

  1. Fast Lightning Payments

– Zebpay introduces a protocol built over Bitcoin, allowing fast payments for small amounts through scanning or pasting invoices.

  1. Cryptocurrency Offering

– Zebpay presently supports a limited set of six cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS, across around 15 trading pairs.

Comparison and Recommendations

In comparison, WazirX emerges as a more versatile platform offering a broader spectrum of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. While WazirX accommodates both new and professional traders with its STF, spot, and P2P markets, Zebpay is still in the process of re-establishing itself. WazirX’s extensive features, accessibility, and diverse cryptocurrency offerings make it a preferable choice for users seeking a comprehensive crypto trading experience.

Why Zebpay Might Be Your Preferred Choice

Zebpay is in the process of relaunching its operations, and there’s optimism that it will swiftly regain ground among competitors like WazirX.

Currently, Zebpay’s offerings are somewhat constrained, particularly in terms of the number of cryptocurrency trading pairs available. Nevertheless, a distinctive advantage is the ability to engage in intraday trading at a cost of 0.10%. This feature allows users to trade within the same day, potentially capitalizing on short-term market movements.

As Zebpay continues its resurgence, it’s anticipated that the platform will introduce more features and expand its cryptocurrency offerings, making it a noteworthy contender in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency exchanges.

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